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IRFF ONLUS Moldova (IRFF ONLUS was founded from the inspiration of IRFF Italy) is a non-governmental, and is a public, non-profit agency working to eliminate poverty, malnutrition, and disease. Founded in June 2001(we was officially registered in June 2001 at Moldova Justice department), IRFF ONLUS Moldova has sought to accomplish this goal by creating and sponsoring development projects that stimulate an exchange of knowledge, skills, and service between developed and developing countries. From its registration time we took responsibility for” Long distant adoption “ project which was running already for 5 years in Moldova. 
 IRFF ONLUS also networks and cooperates with other non-profit organizations and agencies that desire to provide some level of humanitarian aid and assistance worldwide or that have a similar purpose and vision to that of IRFF ONLUS. The primary work of IRFF ONLUS stresses the value and importance of sustained long-term development and assistance. However, many of IRFF ONLUS’s relief programs also seek to provide rapid shipments of valuable supplies to alleviate the suffering and hardship of people left helpless by tragic circumstances such as war, natural disasters, and famine. Overall, our projects focus within three major categories:
1. Educational - including literacy programs, basic educational projects, vocational training, agricultural programs and service-learning programs.
2. Health-care - involving shipment of medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals; health and nutritional programs and seminars. HIV/AIDS prevention projects.
3. Basic disaster and immediate short-term relief projects - which include both the provision of relief items and also our youth, volunteer activities.
IRFF ONLUS also believes quite strongly in volunteer youth service programs and service learning.
Our 3-step service-learning programs for volunteers are based on universally recognized standards and principles. We use a network of experienced trainers and youth workers to implement the education program and manage the voluntary service.
The projects are carried out with a wide variety of project partners - voluntary organizations, charities, and agencies large and small. The result is a life enhancing experience for everyone involved, participants, Beneficiaries and staff alike. 
 IRFF ONLUS is about people working side-by-side with people as one global family. It is about connecting heart to heart on those issues and concerns that matter most to us. Only by working in this manner can we begin to resolve some of the many problems that plague our global village.



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