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Youth Change the World Encourages Children and Youth Fundamental Rights

This summer A. F. IRFF ONLUS with support of ECPAT conduct a project with 10 summer camps to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children, to End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes and encourage children and youth to ensure that children everywhere enjoy their fundamental rights.
In main program where: Activities and trainings for forming formatters on the topic to prevent Child Prostitution, Organizing spare time: cultural programs and contests, Identifying and solving community problems, team management, selecting and motivating the volunteers, teamwork and plan service projects for communities. 
Some details: During month of July and August we have “Youth Change the World” seminars in different regions of Moldova. On the 7’th of July our team went to Vadul lui Voda. On the 13’th of July we went to Balti (Northern biggest city of Moldova). To organize seminar attended by 21 participants. On the 17’th of July we had a workshop for 20 youth in Singerei.
Some participant’s reflections:
Racioc Daniela
“I believe that is great that exist such people who approach these topics in discussions, in deed we learned today many things witch can help us in our daily life. All we deed today, trough discussion and activities, helped me to change my view everything surrounding me.”
Dumitras Andrian
“In this seminar I was impressed very much by topics and what it means to us. For a change in the culture of today’s youth behaviors, it have to be organized many more such seminars, with guidance’s toward right choice in the life.”
Negritu Alina
“I think that this seminar was small start and impulse for to change and do more good things and do take right chooses. Discussions helped me to realize that not every thing which seem like beautiful or pleasant to me is also truly good”

On the 22’th of July we had workshop in Salcuta, with 18 students.
Some participants reflections:
Tatar Ana
“I liked very much the theme approached in this seminar and how my colleagues did was involved in activities and discussions. The ideas and desires to be person with conscience moved me the most my heart.”
Jechiu Cristina
“Every thing was good. I was impressed the most by games, discussing topics, freedom dominated the atmosphere during discussions. To be more actively involved young people need more such trainings and seminars, positive models and support from the people around them.”
On the 24’th of July workshop Youth Change the World were hosted by Botnaresti school, attended by 16participants. Some participant’s reflections:
Gulienco Cristina
“Youth have to be more active in their community life, and for this they need courage, follow parents good example and their conscience, to be open and sincere with themselves and others.”
Plamadeala Alina
“What impressed me the most today in the seminar was that we were united team, we respected each other, and all were actively involved in discussions and receptive to the main message”

On the 26’th of July High School “Ion Creanga” from Cuizauca. Village invited our team to organize YCW seminar for 19 students 8’th to 12’th grades.
Some participant’s reflections:
Teut Mariana
“I liked the theme of the seminar. I realized that we have to change first then the world we live in will change too. Today’s youth need to communicate more, to be trusted in have to be more involved in social life.”
Duca Valentina
“Today’s seminar and the methods and information touched our hearts so deep that I can’t do not use it and apply it my life, even many of things I heard today were known and internalized, but I was paying enough and serious attention to this aspects, which if we are careless about can change our life in wrong direction.”

On the 17‘th of August was organized “Youth Change the World” seminar in Giurgiulesti, on the next day, 18’th of August our team went to Borceag village where we held seminar for 20 students. The workshop was successful and was attended by vice-director of education and priest. The priest when he listened the lectures he liked it and whole heartedly approved. Mr. Lungu (vice-director) expressed sincere interest in our materials and. Our next test was seminar in summer camp of School-Orphanage nr.2 were group of 18 teens (12-16 years old) attended the workshop. Similar activities where done on Radio Singera and Chisinau.
Our objectives where to raise awareness on this topic in 10 localities what where successfully done in all of them and to educate formatters on selected topic what where done well because of good participation of youth from 15 to 30 participants in each location. Beneficiaries weren’t only participants but teachers, some time priests and other community’s leaders assist or said good appreciation words for our trainings.
Main Challenges where that people don’t have so much information on preventing Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes and on encourage children and youth to ensure that children everywhere enjoy their fundamental rights. Where many lesson learned one that local administrations would like to cooperate with us very much to work on resolving these problems. About future plans and follow-up actions we encourage youth to publish their media spots on this issue, video spots, articles, school newspaper and also to give the same lectures to their colleagues, till the end of 2007 and beyond.
Cirpala Nicolae



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