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The Family and Culture of Peace 17th.11.2007, Chisinau

The world, nowadays, goes through the most critical period. Civil society, religious and government leaders from all over the world are looking for the solutions of the stringent global problems.
The decisions that we shall take, the actions that we shall make or not in this time period, will bring us harmony, prosperity and peace or, on the contrary, new crisis, conflicts and wars. 
Because peace means, dialogue and cooperation, among people of different cultures, races and nationalities, had been invited representants of three big religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism to open and to bless this conference with a passage from scriptures.
The event was organized by the Philanthropic Association IRFF-ONLUS, Family Federation for Peace and Unification from Moldavia, supported by International Association for Education from Moldavia, Republican Movement "Teachers for Reciprocal Peace and Understanding", "The Confederation of Charity Associations from Moldavia, the branch of International Foundation for Education from USA in Moldavia and the Federation for Universal Peace.
The conference had three parts: 
1. The family, school, and community- associates in promoting the peace culture; 
2. The family and lasting social-economical development;
3. The family, faith, and peace culture;
4. The communication culture and peace culture.
At these parts, every participant had the possibility to present a report of a project that took place, a scientific paper or of a thematic research. In other words, the conference was a good opportunity for presenting the achievements and experiences-best practices, for finding new partners and start new common projects, to find out useful information for scientific researches and many good ways for developing the participants’ institutions, family and communities or organizations. 

Towards the end of the conference were given ten diplomas of Peace Ambassadors and ten diplomas of Young Peace Ambassador for the society leaders who have remarkable achievements in spreading peace culture- the ones who from now on will make more effort for putting forward culture of peace. Peace Ambassadors are the leaders who take responsibility in creating a lasting, peaceful world, leaded by the principle of living for the sake of others. They are the leaders who go over religious, culture and national borders in order to create a peaceful world.
We couldn’t impose anything to the world. This world must be prepared to receive the change. But each of us can contribute for the world peace, living the Peace (which is impossible without peaceful thoughts). Only after, we can spread the peace in all over the world.
As you know, the fundamental elements of a stable society and of a peaceful world are healthy marriages and loving families. The family decline was very bad for society, nations and world. 
For the whole history of humankind people where striving for peace. Although, this world is full of destructions, betrayal and hatred; our efforts for the establishment of a peaceful world are at a loose end. That is why, we are ready to believe that in order to fulfill the hope, we must first believe in an absolute and unchanging being who goes over time and space. This being must be God. The family formed on marriage has a central role in society. In the message read by presenter where emphasized that "love and respect for families and for life is the base of peace which blessed our people at all times"
In fact, peace starts with me, with you, with him, and with everybody. The conscience gathers: if are enough people who truly make the effort to develop this way of thinking, humanity in its whole, will make a certain jump and will launch a new millennium of Peace.

The organizers give many thanks for the leaders of all areas of society who participated at this conference:
Moldavian Federation of Associations, Centers and Clubs of UNESCO, UNCEF, Ministerul Sănătăţii, Ministerul Culturii şi Turismului, Ministerul Educaţie şi Sport, Primăria mun. Chişinău, Primăria Ungeni , Primăria Sărata Galbena, Pretura Sectorului Centru mun. Chişinău, Ziarul “Liber", RADIO Sângera, Radio "Antena C", Argumenti i Facti, Radio Moldova, Academia de ştiinţe a Moldovei , Universitatea Real Umanistica Cahul , Universitatea de Stat Aleco Russo, USM , Gimnaziul com. Selişte, Liceul ”M. Eminescu”, ASEM, UCCM, Gimnaziul com. Sălcuţa, Şcoala n. 17, Liceul Teoretic "Iulia Haşdeu", Şcoala n. 15, Colegiu Cooperatist de Comerţ, ULIM, Liceul Teoretic s. Tvardita, Colegiul Pedagogic Tehnologic or. Cahul, Direcţia Raionala Invăţămînt Ungheni, Botnăreşti Gimnaziu, Şcoala comunitară Giugiuleşti, Institutul de filozofie, Şcoala n.15, Liceul Teoretic s. Budeşti, Şcoala Pas cu Pas, ASEM , Liceul Teoretic "Iulia Haşdeu", UST, Staţia Orăşănească a tinerilor Turişti, Liceul Constantin Negruţi, Casa de creaţie a copiilor sectorul Ciocana, Colegiul Pedagogic Tehnologic or. Cahul, Liceul Teoretic Gaudeamus, Liceul V.Alecsandri, Colegiul De Industrie Uşoară, Universitatea Ion Creangă, Liceul com. Durleşti, Asociaţia Muzicienilor, Universitatea Perspectiva, Liceul O.Ghibu, Colegiu de Comerţ, Liceu Nicolae Iorga, Grădinita 17, Universitatea de Medicina, Universitatea de Stat din Moldova, 
Portalul ONG MD, Viitorul Verde, Pro Didactica, ONG Calitatea Vieţii, Pro Succes, AGAPE, ONG "Visul copiilor", Asociaţia Obşteasca INTECO, PNCCA, Institutul Internaţional de management, EuroAsia ,Asociaţia Oamenilor în etate, A.O. “Casa Mărioarei” , Centru Speranţa, Asociaţia Obşteasca "Satul Modern", La strada, ONG „Calitatea Vieţii”, ONG "Ex Lege", Centrul pentru Depturile Omului, Asociaţiei Copiilor surzi, ONG Promotorii Noului, ONG Noi Liderii, ONG Noosfera Sanus , 
Diaspora Armenilor din Moldova, Biserica Luterană, Brahma Cumaris, Spitalul de Urgenţă, Spital Republican 
SRL Constructorul, Fabrica Zorile, Companie de asigurări ASITO
Conference was broadcasted at national news channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL0gtdIrjWs
Veronica Sarbu, Media and Public Coordinator IRFF “ONLUS”

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