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“One person who invests his time for peace is sensational news. More people can make a history investing their time for peace”.

On the 9th December 2007, International Relief Friendship Foundation IRFF ONLUS Moldova organized the Festival “The Impact of Youth in Mass Media for Peace” that was held in the central town hall where there were participated youth of all ages.

The contest of the program was consisted of Peace Photo, Audio Spot, Article and Video Spot for Peace as well as the concert of young talents and discussions on Peace.

Our objective is to inspire the whole planet with collective thoughts of peace. Think about how would this idea be if it spread throughout all people on this planet? It would be no need for the whole human race for this thing to come true. 

This event was organized in the frame of peace culture and non-violence decade (2001-2010) proclaimed worldwide by the General Assembly of the United Nations. 

The feast was a good opportunity:
- To inform people about guests and organizers’ achievements;
- To find new partners for common projects;
- To elaborate useful ideas for researches, the development of personalities, participant institutions and organizations.

The Festival was sponsored by: «Franzeluţa» S.A., BALTANCA-NORD S.R.L., COMITEK S.R.L., salon DOXY TERRA
Translated by: Veronica Căldare, IRFF Project Coordinator

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