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Historical visit of IRFF Italy volunteers in Moldova in April 2007

During the visit volunteers and children have a very nice program visiting Botanic Park, Saharna Monastery, receiving presents and making friendship relationships between Moldova and Italy. 

The visit was in period of big reformation of Moldova orphanages, but Italian volunteers pledged to help orphans in any circumstances because this problem is so big and comprehensive that will take many years to be resolved. 

Adoptive parents where worry what are doing children after finish orphanages and where very good surprised that Government together with Orphanage administration take good care of all school graduated children by providing them stipendium to study in skills schools where they receive good professional education and possibility to find a job. 

In general Adoptive Parents where very happy that children became more happy and optimistic after their visit.

We will work more hard to help orphans and resolve their problems as is set in Millennium Development Goals of UN.
Cirpala Nicolae

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