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First of all it was about the family commitment in favor of Christian values, culture and traditions. Also, Mr.Nicolaie Cirpala emphasized the importance of traditional families as fundamental cells of society. The special guests were: Misako Yano, Miki Kutsuzawa (Japanese), Marin Mazur, Lilia Golovei, Nicolae Ţîu (ULIM).
It was stated that there is no economic development without a durable family. Strong families bring up children who will develop later the economy of the country.
In this way it will be solved the problem of poverty, hunger, epidemic as well as terrorism. The country will thrive and flourish if people are real Christians. 
At this conference it was discussed about the eight goals set by UNO.
Mr. Nicolae Ţîu mentioned that married men earn much more than single ones. The united families that have well-determined values flourish in all fields.
The aim of this round-table is to join together all families forming a unit as well as building a quiet world in order to live together in peace, harmony, cooperation and common prosperity. To be led by human vision as a global family that is guided by God who lives according to the universal principles.
We will have a durable society only when all laws are well-administered and respected.
Sîrbu Veronica

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