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The Activities of the Philanthropist Association IRFF ONLUS in 2007

According to the plans established for 2007, we have performed monthly meetings regarding the creation of the culture of peace in which remarkable personalities from scientific, cultural, journalistic spheres, etc. were invited. A general conference with the title “Family and the culture of peace” topic which was organized on November 17 by us with the help and support of the Family Federation for Unification and Peace in Moldova marked the closing of these meetings. The conference took place in the Decade of the culture of peace and nonviolence (2001-2010) which was established at the international level by the United Nations. All the participants in this conference had the opportunity to present the activities of their organizations or held different scientific discourses regarding the institutions where they work, all of them being oriented towards the strengthening the family’s role in establishing the culture of peace in the Republic of Moldova and worldwide. 
Several activities were performed as part of the Youth Change the World initiative. There was supported the spring of the communitarian service initiative through which several actions of the social service were organized in different localities of the Republic of Moldova. As for example, in the Sălcuţa village of the Căuşeni district there was performed the distribution at home of the food aids to the persons with deficiencies and with difficult financial situation. In the Hîrbovăţ village of the Călăraşi district the volunteers together with 300 inhabitants performed actions of sanitation in all the public places of the locality. An important event took place in the Sărata Galbenă village of the Hînceşti. The action was performed at the initiative of the youth from the locality with the participation of volunteers. The program included, in the first day, the sanitation of the river which lies across the village and the plantation of trees on the bank of it. Another big project as part of the spring program was the lesson held in the lyceums of the capital about the damages of smoking and drugs. We also have organized a project for the children rights. During the “Youth Change the World” Summer School between July 15 and September 30 there were performed 10 trainings on different topics in different localities of the Republic of Moldova with the financial support of the ECPAT International. The Summer School from Oxentea which was held between August 2-6 was another activity of the initiative which had a great feedback and where the young participants had the opportunity to organize different projects for the benefit of the community, as for example sanitation of a bank of the Nistru river near the locality of the camp and building the stairs to a spring from the locality. At the camp there was also performed a media workshop with video spots on different topics. 
With the purpose of creation of a positive culture in the youth environment, we have launched the initiative of the “Impact of youth in the mass-media environment for peace” Festival. It started on December 19 and was organized by the Philanthropist Association with the help of the co-organizators Pretura sectorului Centru. The contest of the Picture of Peace, Audio spot broadcast, Article and Video spot broadcast for Peace, as well as the concert of the young talents and discussion on different topics were all a part of the program of the festival. 15 teenagers took part in the contest witch work on different topics. 
The current year was celebrated the sixth anniversary of the AF IRFF ONLUS and for this purpose we organized a festive program. 
We organize meeting, seminars, programs every week in order to facilitate volunteers’ work for the benefit of the society. 
For more information please visit our web page: www.irffmd.net 
These were the activities of the Association for 2007 for the next year we wish to perform more in order to contribute to the addressing of the problems of our society and to make it more prosperous.
Nicolae Cîrpală, Executive director at A. F IRFF ONLUS

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