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Most of the human suffering in the world has a direct or indirect human cause. IRFF ONLUS's service projects act as a catalyst to speed the progress of social change by inspiring and empowering people to make positive changes in their local community.




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To learn how to plan and manage a project for society. We are happy to invite you for weekly volunteers meetings every Wednesdays at 16:00 PM, address: Moldova, Chişinău city, Malina Mică region, str. Constantin Vîrnav 13. Contact telephone: (37322) 738330

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The Activities of the Philanthropist Association IRFF ONLUS in 2007

In 2007 the IRFF ONLUS has developed a project with the title “Long Distance adoption” which involved 330 children from the Boarding School No. 2 and Boarding school form Bălţi Municipality at a higher level. The aid consisted in purchasing clothes for orphans. Taking into consideration the current requirements of the above mentioned schools, they benefited from other types of aid from us: building materials, furniture, office requisites, etc.

During history, people all over the world were looking for peace. However, this world is full of distrust, betrayal or hatred; people efforts, linked with making peace, have reached a dead end. That is why we tend to think that in order our hope to come true we should become a supreme and unchanged being who transcends time and space. This Supreme Being needs us to perfect love, ideal, happiness and peace.
The Family and Culture of Peace 17th.11.2007, Chisinau

Peace is one of the humanity fundamental needs. It is the thing that everybody is waiting for too. In fact, peace defines our life mission and is the theme of any public speech. 
Hundreds of leaders from all levels of our society and from abroad of our country - participants at the conference which took place in Chisinau, at the Leogrand Convention Center, with the title: "The Family and Peace Culture in Moldova", came to attend at this historic day of great value.
Six years of continuous success for the well being of people in needs

Around 30 VIPs invited from different areas of life Ministries, Embassies and foreign guest of our capital participate at this event at 13 of October 2007, and all our partners.

On Saturday, 15 September 2007, took place the second conference „Family and Peace Culture in Moldova”.
This conference was supported by Nicolaie Cirpala, the director of Relief and Friendship Moldova. At this round-table there were presented the social principles which were the foundation of the conference.
Youth Change the World Encourages Children and Youth Fundamental Rights

This summer A. F. IRFF ONLUS with support of ECPAT conduct a project with 10 summer camps to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children, to End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes and encourage children and youth to ensure that children everywhere enjoy their fundamental rights.
In main program where: Activities and trainings for forming formatters on the topic to prevent Child Prostitution, Organizing spare time: cultural programs and contests, Identifying and solving community problems, team management, selecting and motivating the volunteers, teamwork and plan service projects for communities.
Youth change the World spring projects

National level spring projects campaign was held in about 35 regions of Moldova. Leaded by Service for Peace joined by IFRR and IEF involved Youth change the World project done this project too. The biggest impact was produced in Sarata Galbena village. At he main speech where participate 800 pupils from the village school. There was and ecologic project with support of village Mayer. Many people join to this project to clean the main street and to install trash cans on this street.
Historical visit of IRFF Italy volunteers in Moldova in April 2007
Energetic Sergio Valgoi with a group of 5 Adoptive parents visits for one week children from 2 orphanage of Moldova. 330 adopted at distance children receive a lot of presents, love and inspiration to study well and became good patriots of Moldova. Beside this other children from orphanages was happy to receive some AID from this Italian Volunteers.
The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) looking for new members in Moldova
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